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On this night

On this night, my wolf is howling strong and free, Its cold breath is being carried in the wind. Tonight is the night i long to run free through the woods with my pack close behind to howl to the moon and the stars and enjoy all the wonders nature has to offer. It is on this night that i wish i could be as free as all wolves once were to go where i please and hunt in the cool air. it is nights like this when my wolf takes over and i howl to the wind. And on this night i see my wolf more clearly than i ever have before, strong and free, powerful in every sense of the word, a coat that blends into the blackness all around me. it is on this night that i truly feel like myself. I truly feel my wolf is in control and free to roam.


Hey so I'm writing this because many people ask me why i named my pack Audeamus. I named my pack Audeamus because in latin it means let us dare. Let us dare represents my pack because that is exactly what we live by. Let us dare to be different and to be ourselves. Let us dare to love one another in the pack as our own family even if they may drive us crazy sometimes. Let us dare to follow the Audeamus pledge as long as we shall live. Let us dare to take the challenges life throws at us and face it as a pack. Let us dare to allow the wolf that is howling inside each of us to take charge to use its instincts to guide us through the woods on moonlit nights. Let us dare to not fight our wolf but become one with it and pride ourselves for the privilege we have been given. And let us dare to love the animal we are inside. Audeamus is a free spirit pack that values each wolfs assets to the pack and cherishes the experiences that each wolf has to offer for guidance and knowledge. we all work and stand together as one and i wouldn't have it any other way. 

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